1Inch - DEX - Access the most liquidity, lowest slippage and best exchange rates across Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimistic Ethereum (OΞ) and Arbitrum. You can place limit orders on this with coins in Metamask.

BarterTrade - Exchange

BigOne (NO US!) - NoN US exchange. Don't send your money there. I did and that's why it's on here.

Binance - Perhaps the largest exchange. This links to the US version

CoinCheckUp - Crypto info

CoinGecko - Crypto info

CoinMarketCap - Crypto info

CoinToBuy - Compare multiple coins. Great tool

CryptoBubbles - Crypto info

CryptoMiso - Github commit history of 340 cryptocurrencies based on most popular repo

DefiPulse - Crypto info

FiatLeak - Graphical display of crypto being purchased

HotBit - Seems shady - be careful

Kucoin - Exchange

Lunarcrush - Social ratings for crypto

Marketcapof - Compare price / market cap of 2 tokens

Messari.io - Market research site.

Polygon Bridge - Polygon blockchain stuff

Pro.coinbase - Exchange

TradingView - Charting and Technical Analysis

Zerion - Look at all of the activity on an Eth address - also shows polygon and bcs

Youtube - Invest Answers

Youtube - VisionPulseTrades


Dogelon Mars