Americans love their Moon landing. When you tell a 'Normie' that his Moon landing is probably a massive hoax, it will make them flip their lid. Why is this?

Was the Lunar Rover an RC Model?

I'm kinda feeling like it looks much more like a remote controlled model to me. See if you agree.

Here is an interesting article using Stereo Parallax to analyze lunar surface photos... .but the following video does a pretty good job. You'll see that the objects above the red line stay in the same relative position to each other- as in a photo, while the ones below the red line shift as a natural object would. Common sense and reason tells you that this is filmed on Earth.

In the video above, it's the first 6 minutes or so that I found useful. Disregard anything aftert that.

Can you see stars from the Moon?

Helium Balloons?

How can you NOT see this? At 1:12 - he jumps up to try and add weight, but still can't get all the way down. At 3:15 and 3:50.... the whole thing is ridiculous.

More Of The Above Ridiculousness


Strange Scenery

I'm trying to verify this post. I can't find the original videos.

American Moon

Was It Only A Paper Moon?

What Happened On The Moon?

The Apollo Moon Hoax - How Did They Do It?

Astronauts Gone Wild

Apollo Movie Set Discovered?

I'm not saying it's true, but this seems more plausible. Just Sayin'

Truth presented as snark?

It's pretty funny, but this narrative is probably more true than what you believe. - Around 75% of Russians think that the moon landings were a hoax. The guy behind this site is just one of them.

Actual video of flag moving without being touched - This video details the flag waving on the moon while both astronauts were in the LEM getting ready to blast off.

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